Field trip to Seoul

At Nata Pura, getting the deal signed is an important step. But it's just the first step - cultivating the partnership is something we care deeply about.

The Paul Bassett coffee shop chain is valued partner. We effectively transported the Nata charm all the way from Portugal to South Korea, penetrated the market with great success, set a strong trend - the challenge right now is to turn that trend into a habit. We did it together. Our marketing team knew the product, they knew the demographic. Our operations ensured the best possible Natas made their way there, they knew how to best handle them. It is a textbook win win scenario based on cooperation and communication - even half a world of distance is no match for a common goal and lots of hard work.

But good partnerships require presence; sometimes an e-mail is just not enough. Our team was in Seoul this past week making sure this endeavour gets even better. We got to soak in South Korean culture, particularly the vibrant coffee culture in Seoul, and have a thorough look at their magnificent operation. One week of non stop travelling, meetings and work, made fun and enjoyable by our host's hospitality, was more efficient than a year of skype calls and e-mails. The sheer amount of progress made was our motivation, and as always, the results far exceeded our expectations. Our South Korean friends will soon taste the results.