Art in the business world

And they say there is no place for art in the business world…

We recently challenged our busy COO and resident chef extraordinaire Francisco to create some breath-taking deserts based on our natas. He did not disappoint! He effectively showcased the versatility of our nata and proved it’s much more than the delicious pastry we know and love. From the traditional to the avant-garde, the possibilities are endless!

First up is a nata perched on a caramel nest, with a creamy affogato and trail of caramel coulis. The architectural quality of this desert draws the attention of the nata, rightly and proudly sitting in prominence.

Next, a passion fruit infused nata over a fruity coulis accompanied by raspberries and merengue. Those of us lucky enough to have tried these creations can attest both its flavour and balance. And the latter is the key word in this case: the merengue ransoms the exotic quality of the passion fruit, adding punch to the desert.

Francisco takes us Far East next, with a green tea flavoured nata over a caramelized almond disc, with citric coulis and powdered matcha. The strong almond disc lends weight to the delicate matcha that emanates from the desert and the coulis ties it all together. The result is quite unique.

For a more traditional approach, we present to you a chocolate nata severed in twain, with three beautiful caramelized cherries and a rich chocolate ganache. This one is destined to be a favourite of old and young alike.

We finish with off on a sensual note with a nata garnished with red fruits, raspberry coulis and champagne infused jelly with red fruits. Adults only! This is a personal favourite of mine, the red fruits blend with the custard cream perfectly and the guilty pleasure of the jelly soars through!

Keep checking, there might be opportunities to try these lovely deserts and there will be more to come soon!