Why Nata Pura?

As Portuguese natives, we find it challenging to explain why Natas are so good. More often than not we do not need to, as once tasted the Nata speaks for itself. But having lived in a place where the Nata is everywhere and consistently good, it's easy to take it for granted.

As our intrepid CEO says, it's quite something to watch someone taste a nata for the first time. Julian Baggini at the Guardian has a piece comparing the Nata to the english custard tart, and does a good job of capturing the little intricacies of a Nata. He hasn't tasted a Nata Pura yet, though. Focus on yet.

Still, we can go a bit deeper than that. We keep stressing that Nata Pura has a personal grudge against preservatives and colourants. On one hand we base our business on respecting our customers, and slowly poisoning is not very respectful. But it's also a bit more personal. That's because we've seen too many natas diminished by the use of these noxious ingredients, a low-cost, low-gloss replica of what they could be.