The Nata

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Our commitment to the quality of our product and the use of only the best ingredients allows us to market our natas as a top end gourmet product at competitive prices.

The Nata is an unique pastry where the creamy, slightly caramelised golden custard melts perfectly with the buttery, flaky puff pastry with a hint of smokiness and lemon zest.

But innovation and curiosity is in our blood. We also cater flavoured natas:
- The ever popular chocolate flavoured nata can do no wrong.
- Delicate fragrances of the East make for an exotic Matcha Green Tea Nata.
- Fresh and delicious mixed berries blend with the custard to create the definite guilty pleasure.
- And the passionfruit Nata features zesty counterpoint to the overall richness of the Nata

Nata Details
  • Ingridients (Original flavour):
    Puff Pastry: flour, water, trans fat free margarine and salt.
    Cream: milk, sugar, flour, egg yolks, lemon zest.

  • Posted On : 15 December 2015

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